Stefan: Stuck on a Snowy Mountain

Wow! Do I have a story to tell you! Just when I thought I was lost and out of hope, my best chums came to save me when I needed them the most. I’m so glad I have friends who can help me in any situation I’m involved in. Ok, you’re probably thinking, what happened?? Well, I’ll tell you!

Over the winter, I decided to practice my snowboarding skills and head up to Mount Tokki. It was a bitter, snowy day, with the forecast calling for even more snow in the evening. I knew I had to get up to snowboard on the mountain before it got worse later in the day. Before heading out, I got some hot chocolate to heat myself at the lodge before heading to the snowy mountain. I went to the nearby chairlifts and took the trip up to the tip of Mount Tokki. I could barely see the ground with all the snow! I started to second guess myself as I got higher on the mountain, thinking maybe it was too risky with all the snow falling and conditions to be not that great. But I love a good challenge! Not to mention, I was already at the top of the mountain. I got off the chairlift, all bundled up, ready for the thrill of a lifetime.

As I got my goggles ready, I put down my snowboard into the soft snow and slowly made my way to ride down. I felt my heart pounding like a thousand beats a second, all from the adrenaline of this incredible snowboarding session I was about to do. As I picked up speed, I saw the snow falling around me. My visibility became more impaired as I went faster down the mountain. While I’m not a total pro with snowboarding, I can dodge oncoming rocks and trees easily enough. However, I couldn’t dodge one tree in particular. With the snow much worse now, I could see far less as I got further down the mountain and into an area with more trees. Suddenly, I saw a tree right in front of me! I turned to avoid it at the last possible second, but unfortunately, my snowboard clipped the tree and broke off, sending me into a tumble gradually down the mountain. Luckily, I didn’t tumble for too long and stood up to check to make sure I wasn’t injured. There were some bruises on my arms and legs, but nothing serious. My problem was now in front of me. A broken snowboard, snow steadily falling faster and faster, and night quickly approaching. What was I to do?? 

I composed myself, making sure I knew I was safe and not trapped on this snowy mountain. I had kept my phone in my pocket during the trip in case an emergency like this happened. I quickly called up my chums, Emma, Henri, and Ken. They picked up my call, and I told them everything that happened. They all were on their way to help me before the snow could get worse. While waiting for them, I started slowly walking down the mountain so my chums could see me. By this point, the snow had come down so much I could barely see a few feet in front of me! I took my time, slowly walking with my broken snowboard. Man, was I cold! Before I left, I made sure to layer up with many jackets and extra gloves too. I went to check my phone to see if any of my chums had called, but I had no reception. I started to worry; will I make it out before this snowstorm froze me?? Just then, I saw a bright light in the distance. I became excited and started running towards it. What could it be? Am I close to the lodge? Then I saw… it was all my chums riding on snowmobiles! I was so delighted to see them, thinking at some point would I be able to get back without freezing! I got on Ken’s snowmobile, shivering and cold, and we all went back to the lodge. Once we got back, I thanked them so much for coming to save me. We got some hot chocolate and sat near the fire in the lodge, joking around and staying warm. I’m so grateful to have great friends! 

Jun 6, 2024