The name’s Stefan – nice to meet you! As you can probably tell, I’m excited to welcome you and your tennis-loving buddies to my world, my domain, my kingdom. When it comes down to it, my name actually says plenty about my domineering personality. You see, Stefan is the German word for "crown". Which is totally appropriate since I consider myself the king overlord of TokkiWorld anyway. Somewhat stubborn and pretty set in my ways, I know what I want and I like what I like. Honestly, it would take a miracle to change my mind once it’s made up. I guess you can say I trust my instincts more than anything.  

A real ace with a dominating presence on and off the court, everyone knows me as a tennis-obsessed teddy bear fueled by a great deal of hustle and a whole lotta heart. When not fielding moonballs, diving for volleys or outmaneuvering opponents who dare challenge me, I can be found hanging with fellow chums, belting out 80's rock tunes at karaoke joints, scaling high altitudes or shredding gnarly slopes with my buds. As a descendent of Viking lords and ladies, I’m a fierce and formidable competitor who LIVES for the attack. On account of my Nordic pedigree, I enjoy devouring Swedish meatballs, sipping salted foam boba drinks and trying to emulate the baseline playing style of my idol, tennis legend Björn Borg.

If you're a winner who likes to lead, take charge and challenge yourself, you’ll find me to be the perfect forever pal loyal to a tee. My buds and I will be documenting our adventures here on our blog, so make sure you follow along the way on social media @TokiTennis. We look forward to sharing all of the cool things about our lives here in TokkiWorld. We have lots of surprises, announcements and more in store for you.

Devi Smith
Feb 20, 2023