Our Story


As the saying goes, “where there’s a will, there’s a way.” The result of hard work, creative collaboration and unrelenting dedication, TokkiTennis is a brand and global community we take deep pride in. Keep reaching to learn about who we are, what inspires us and how we got here.

Who says you have to be high-class or well-connected to have the heart of a champion? We here at TokkiTennis believe the sport of tennis should be for everybody, for everyone, forever and for always.  So, we’re taking tennis back. Back to its origins. Back to the streets. Back to the public courts where so many greats have emerged despite (and against) all odds.

A celebration of individuality, the uplifting support of local communities and the personal willpower to succeed no matter what, TokkiTennis is a brand reimagined. We’ve reconceptualized our offerings that they are affordable, all embracing, and most importantly, always FUN. For example, our clothing is never stuffy, pretentious, or expensive.

Embodiments of the relaxed company culture here at TokkiTennis, Emma, Henri, Ken and Stefan are tennis-loving friends you can’t help but love. These chill cuties do their duty to demonstrate our profound love for the game in a unique and playful way. They’re adventurous, inquisitive, charismatic, and adorably kawaii as can be.


We create and think outside the box to inspire, empower, and motivate athletes, fans and enthusiasts of every age, from all walks of life and all corners of the globe.  

Versatile, casual and more comfortable than you could ever imagine, our apparel selections for men, women and children have been intentionally and thoughtfully designed to serve up kawaii cuteness and comfort on and off the court.


TokkiTennis co-founder, Devi Smith, is a former NCAA Division-1 tennis player who owes her success to the public courts of Southern California. Raised by a single mother and her grandparents, she remembers finding refuge at nearby local courts that have seen the likes of the Williams sisters, Billie Jean King and other tennis icons. Partnered with former wrestler and footballer turned businessman, Scott Henderson who has long since hung up his cleats and is an avid tennis player and enthusiast, she hopes to establish a community of like-minded public court advocates and tennis enthusiasts committed to similar causes. Both passionate about philanthropy, this totally awesome Tokki duo has pledged to support and advocate for the amazing organizations, foundations and charitable initiatives that enrich the lives of Tokki fans worldwide. See our Foundations page.

Devi Smith
Feb 19, 2023