Ken the Koala at your service. Let me start by saying I’m super stoked you’re here! If you enjoy living life with a carefree laidback vibe, you and I will get along just fine. Trust me when I say you’ll never meet another koala like me. I’m just that cool and unique. My friends and members of my Tokki family can always count on me to find a reason to laugh, hang out and celebrate. And I intentionally make it a point to steer clear of anything (and anybody) too fancy. In fact, I avoid snooty people and highbrow country clubs all together. They’re just not my thing. Never have been. Never will be.

A swole fitness buff, avid outdoorsman and Kyrgios fan, I’m a true Aussie mate through and through in every respect. Catch me showing off at the baseline, slamming down protein shakes, paddling out to surf the high seas, tailgating or tossing the pigskin with my fellow chum buddies. Usually seen sporting Tokki shorts and tanks, I’m a mellow dude who doesn’t ever take life too seriously. I enjoy pumping iron, jamming out to country music classics, manning the grill at backyard shindigs and sipping on milk boba teas after hitting the gym. Oh yeah, and I have a super rad accent the ladies can’t resist.

Once you get to know me, you’ll find that I’m a rather agreeable guy and I just like to have a good time. Patient, drama-free and generous with my time, I think of myself as a loyal friend anyone would be lucky to have. Follow us on social media @TokkiTennis to follow all of the wicked cool things my friends and I have got going on. We can’t wait to welcome you into our tennis-loving world!

Devi Smith
Feb 20, 2023