The most lovable little cottontail you’ll ever meet, I’m a chum who always sees the good in people and the positive side of things. You can’t help but be ‘hoppy’ when you’re in my presence. My bubbly personality is really what wins everyone over. Seriously, I’m just the sweetest! Cheerful, easy going and rarely grumpy, I find it easy to shake things off. And I don’t often hold a grudge. With a twinkle in my eye and a smile on my face, I dazzle people with my upbeat energy and optimistic attitude. I consider myself a girly girl but I’m certainly no damsel in distress. I’m an independent young woman who’s confident and sure of her worth but never in a way that comes off cocky or arrogant.

A shy but sly speedster with a mean power serve and an arsenal of trick shots up my sleeve, I rule the courts and clean up the competition like a champ. Sometimes impatient but always a good sport, I’m powered by an unceasing competitive drive. Inspired by Stefi Graf's strike-first style of play, my attacking playing style emulates the likes of Naomi Osaka and Emma Raducanu. A lover of racquet sports in general, I have no problem hopping in a game of badminton, paddleball, table tennis, squash or pickleball – I play them all! When I'm not shopping for trendy new duds, guzzling down brown sugar boba or munching on mochi donuts, I enjoy singing along to K-pop chart toppers while cruising streets in my convertible coupe roadster. (With the top down, of course.)

Bringing a little hip Asian flair to TokkiWorld, I’m just a bunny girl living in her own tennis-loving world. I like to bake cookies and make TikToks, I’m playful, I'm into anime and cosplay, I have a sweet tooth and I’m a proud member of the BTS army. Want in on my kawaii life here in TokkiLand? Follow all of my adventures and antics by following us on social media @TokkiTennis. My friends and I are always up to something cool. We can’t wait to share every bit of Tokki joy with you!

Devi Smith
Feb 20, 2023